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The increasing focus on application performance is rooted in a key fact: No matter how well applications are designed, no matter how well they meet business requirements, they are virtually useless to end-users if performance is sluggish or unreliable.

Enhancing the speed and availability of applications can be complex, and often requires expertise that takes time to develop. At the same time, every phase of application performance optimization has become specialized due to greater complexity of platforms like SOA, virtualization, Web 2.0 and other emerging IT trends. In short we help our customers to deploy high performing applications which come with their own specific skill sets, tools, formats, protocols, and processes.

We follow phased approach to test & benchmark your application performance.

At Austere Technologies we help our customers to do various forms of non-functional testing i.e. load, stress, endurance, volume, performance benchmarking, application tuning, and locating performance bottlenecks with deep diagnostics, code optimization and capacity planning.